Almost any kind of musical format is accepted, but for guideline purposes here are some of the accepted formats for mixes:

- 44.1k to 96K sample rate, 16, 24, or 32 bit depth PCM digital audio file format
- Analog Tape (1/2" or 1/4" with alignment tones of at least 30 seconds each)
- Cassette
- Audio CD

A couple of things to prepare for your session in advance:

- A final sequence or tracklist with correct titles. If you're still unsure about your sequence flow then a working sequence is fine to just get started.
- Mastering notes, ideas, suggestions that could be useful during the session
- Album or song references you'd like for your engineer to A/B during the session
- For Vinyl: sidebreak, speed (33 1/3 or 45RPM), and catalog#. The shorter the side the better the cut. Ideally, side lengths should be under 20 minutes.
- ISRC/UPC codes if you plan on pressing CDs
- If you plan on mastering instrumentals or any alternative versions of your mixes like TV or performance tracks please deliver these files with the main mixes. This avoids unnecessary recall time.

If you have digital files, you can get them to us via our FTP (contact us for login info), or a digital file transfer service such as or wetransfer.

Please contact us for rates, terms, and to discuss your specific needs.