Adrian Morgan | Chief Mastering Engineer/Founder


Timeless founder Adrian Morgan started his career in engineering in New York at one of the top studios in the mastering business - Sterling Sound. Early after his start there, he was appointed head of vinyl production as part of an attempt to revive the company's dying cutting business. Over the next few years, he became one of the world's youngest engineers to master the art of analog disc cutting with over 2000 records cut.

Later he became one of Sterling's chief audio editors, and is accredited to work on albums such as D'Angelo "Voodoo", Jay-Z "Volume 3", Dido "No Angel", Q-Tip "Amplified", The Roots "Things Fall Apart", Common "Like Water for Chocolate", and Notorious B.I.G. "Born Again".
Eventually, he was appointed head of the audio department of Sterling's DVD wing at a time when the various DVD specifications were just coming of age. There, he worked on many groundbreaking titles in the DVD industry such as Beastie Boys "Video Anthology", Moby "Play The DVD", Traffic (USA Films), Smashing Pumpkins "Greatest Hit Videos", and Metallica "Black Album" DVD-Audio.

In 2015 after years of constructing and designing mastering studios, he undertook his most ambitious studio project to date: architecture, design, and construction of Timeless’s current studio in Bushwick Brooklyn. The project spanned almost one year and was designed to be a warm, welcoming, minimal environment for daily work. Since it’s completion, the studio has seen the likes of artists such as Björk, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Beach House, and Deerhunter.

Rooted as a classical trombonist, he is musically active today in the NYC area as an electric bassist. He can also be found in the Timeless workshop designing / building custom instruments and electronics in addition to repairing studio equipment.