Completely dedicated to mastering, the Timeless studio employs a unique array of analog & digital processing equipment in a special purpose built tuned room. We take a specialized approach to our workflow by balancing analog and digital domains. The following lists the current tools in our sonic palette:


Sontec 432 C/9 Parametric EQ
Fairman TMEQ Tube EQ
Dangerous BAX EQ
Sphere Eclipse C 920 Graphic EQ
Manley Massive Passive Stereo EQ


AMS Neve 33609/C
GML 2030
Drip Elec. Tube Mastering Compressor
Pendulum PL2
Avalon 747SP
Rupert Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor


Waves L2 Hardware
TC Electronic M5000
Magix Sequoia


Ampex ATR-102 1/2" & 1/4" Reel to Reel Tape
Dangerous Master
Dangerous Liaison
Lavry Gold AD122 MKIII A/D
Mytek 8x192 D/A
PS Audio Powerplant P5


Dangerous Monitor
Egglestonworks Andra I Mastering Monitors
Avantone Mix Cubes
Sonodyne SLF312 Subwoofer
Pass Labs X250.5 Stereo Amplifier
DK-Audio PTO-600CIII Digital Metering